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Why YouTube? ▶️

My life has always revolved around watching YouTube videos.

Joey Graceffa was the 1st YouTuber I’d watch regularly. From vlogs to Minecraft, he shaped my love for video games and helped me find my voice.

At 13, I met him at ComicCon 2016. It was one of the best days ever.

Above: 13-year-old me meeting Joey Graceffa and giving him a piece of fan art I made.

How I started 🏁

Before college, I binge-watched “day in the life” videos from tech YouTubers, ranging from software engineers to UX designers.

While doing my 1st SWE Internship, I thought, 'What if I shared my experiences too?'

So I posted my first video, and now I’m vlogging my journey as I navigate through tech and help others find their voice in it along the way.

Let's gooo! 🔥

Join me in my journey as a chaotic coder, designer, CS student, & more!

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P.S. Joey Graceffa, I hope to meet you again one day to thank you for inspiring me to break out of my comfort zone – both through this YouTube channel and in life as a whole.

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