Resources 🌟

Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links, so I may get a commission after purchasing (at no extra cost to you). These funds help me make better content for y'all!

Products I stan 🛍

Rich Dad Poor Dad
The book that changed my life

RESPAWN Gaming Chair
Most comfortable chair ever

67" Camera Tripod Stand, Torjim
The tripod I use for filming

Oculus Quest 2 – 128 GB
VR Headset that helps me exercise

DUCHY Laptop Stand
Ergonomic & portable lifesaver

Wallniture Lamba LED Lights
For that crisp video lighting

Apps I love 📲

UI Design and Prototyping

Visual Studio Code
Coding IDE by Microsoft

Spark AR Studio
Make AR filters for Instagram

Social media posts & decks

Epidemic Sound
Non-Copyrighted music library

Final Cut Pro X
Video editing software