My story 📚

Wanted to be Pablo Picasso lol... 🎨

I started drawing at 5, then explored different mediums as tech evolved.

But first - check out some of the traditional artwork I’ve created over the years, ranging from colored pencil realism to acrylic portraits:

Becoming a ✨ pixel pusher ✨

In high school, I fell in love with designing anything & everything on Figma.

Mobile apps. Websites. Pitch decks.

Whether it be for science research competitions or social media posts, this tool became my right-hand bestie.

P.S. This site was first designed in Figma!

print('hey, world of coding!') 👩🏻‍💻

I started *really* coding the summer before college, where I’d watch web development YouTube tutorials by freeCodeCamp.

Met my mentor, Lexus Davis, who helped me find clarity in tech and motivated me to develop 3 coding projects.

Thank you to Out in Tech for connecting us! Go check out their incredible Slack community, events, and other opportunities.

Then entered hackathons and eventually landed my first win at the QImpacts Hackathon!

Read more about the project and my experience here.

Did an incredible internship at Bitly, where I dove into APIs, dynamic programming with React, and more!

Read more about the intern project here or watch a day in the life here.

Now filming my journey on... 🎥

...YouTube! (join the notification squad LET'S GOOO 🔔)

I grew up watching YouTubers like Joey Graceffa, Quackity, and many more who have inspired me to finally start my tech channel!

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