Hey, I'm Skyler! ✌️

Filming my journey through tech while coding and designing cool things 🦄

↳ Content Creator @ YouTube

↳ Former SWE Intern @ Bitly

⬇️ In a nutshell, I...

...create YouTube videos, 🎬

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...code and design products, 💻

Bitly API Explorer

Easier space for users to interact with HTTP Request Methods from Bitly's API

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Unicorn Stack

Gamified platform to strengthen financial habits through AR, 3D models, budgeting.

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...collab with cool people, 👥

“Skyler possesses all of the attributes needed to carry the future of tech

a passion so contagious that it inspires everyone around her towards excellence, a drive to take initiative and push the bounds of what is expected, and a creative mind centered around empathy.”

- Lauren Avilla, Former SWE Intern at Bitly

“...I consistently began to see her tremendous character & teamwork skills in action. Skyler is creative and hardworking.

It is evident that she is a remarkable talent and a promising entrepreneur, and will be successful with her future endeavors.”

- Megan Stratton, Student at Lehigh University

...and build community! 🌎

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